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SEE Learning Promo Video

Linda Lantieri on SEE Learning

Daniel Goleman on SEE Learning

SEE Learning at the Tong Len School

SEE Learning Global Launch Candids Video


Please visit our YouTube channel to view these videos and those from SEE Learning educators from around the world.

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We are excited to begin the development of our primary research program in SEE Learning. The curriculum, educator trainings, and framework are all informed by state-of-the-art research on trauma and resilience, compassion science, the science of systems learning, and development studies in social and emotional learning. For our program to continue evolving as an evidence-based program, we aim to focus our research goals around the following areas:

Program Evaluation

Monitoring program delivery is an essential part of program evaluation. We are working with partners to develop strategies for assessing the quality of educator training, and for monitoring the delivery-fidelity of the learning experiences to students at designated sites. We are also interested in evaluating the effectiveness of the learning experiences in improving student outcomes. Finally, we are developing strategies to respond to the outcomes of program monitoring and evaluation for future editions of the educator trainings and the curriculum.

Global Research Partnerships

We are interested in partnering with schools, regions, and educational communities to study the effectiveness of diverse implementation strategies. There is no single “right” way to bring SEE Learning to your community. We are interested in partnering with you to learn what works best foryou while maintaining effectiveness.

Concept Development Projects

We continue to deepen our conceptual understanding of compassion within the context of education, human development, and cultural variation at the personal, interpersonal, and systems levels of experiences. We have ongoing conceptual development projects around topics include social justice, equity, ethical intelligence, resilience, and many more.

If you have any questions or are interested in partnering with us please contact us at email: